Hershey Chocolate-bar

A Hershey Bar, a typical chocolate product example and Chocolate Fish's favorite brands of chocolate.

Chocolate (A.K.A. Cocoa, or Poison) is a tasty substance that people like scarfing down. It is mostly desired by the infamous Chocolate Fish, who yells "CHOCOLATE!" every time someone gives him chocolate, and proceeds to go insane and lose his mind.

Chocolate is known for being very dangerous, sometimes even described as toxic. Humans, of course, don't care what they put in their bodies, and they eat it. They then have a Seizure, and die. This is due to one of the main ingredients in chocolate: Death Juice. It was Willy Wonka's idea, just like the Taffy Puller of Doom.

Losers like the flavor of it in Pudding.


When Ronald McDonald was walking, he discovered a sap sticking out of a Cocoa tree. He pulled it out and tasted it. Ronald quickly exclaimed that it was delicious. He sold the sap in the form of soap bars in his famous restaurant called McDonald's and for $500,000 UnDollars. Then some n00b named Willy Wonka decided to name it "Chocolate" and put Death Juice in it because he said that word is awesome and Death Juice will be perfect to kill people and replace them with Oompa Loompas. There are also many popular chocolate brands such as:

When Doddy discovered Chocolate, he made a Candee flavor out of it, and suddenly, chocolate-flavored Candee became more popular than chocolate itself. This is why Ronald McDonald and Willy Wonka have teamed up to kill Doddy.

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