Chikorita is a Pokemon. Or is it?! You may think you know everything there is to know about the majestic Chikorita. Yes, it's a grass Pokemon. Yes, it evolves into Bayleef. But you will find that you are a TOTAL IDIOT! Also, Chikorita is a badass cyborg robot Pokemon.

If you want to catch a Chikorita, don't. At first they seem all nice and innocent. But then the little monster zaps you with its lightning butt! Didn't we tell you? Chikorita has a lightning butt! If you're stupid enough to try to catch a Chikorita anyways, its greatest weakness is the common video shame. Just start playing a shame and the Chikorita will have no choice but to join you. Then you can hit it upside the head and bring it down to your torture cellar.

Another UnInteresting fact about the Chikorita is the fact that it likes potatos. Some say it is a potato, but these people are stupid. It is obviously a monster-cyborg-grass-Pokemon-creature-thing. hey will take over Germany! Oh, and Your Mom is Fat.

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