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Cheese is yellow is the 22nd episode of Teletubbies (TV Series).The Teletubbies discover cheese is yellow like Laa-Laa.


the episode begins with Laa-Laa thinking she and Baby Sun are the only things yellow when Dipsy comes, and tells her everything that's yellow, except for Cheese.Jebus Khrist hears them, and tells Both that cheese is yellow too. The Teletubbies have never seen or heard of cheese. Laa Laa says that she must be creator of cheese being yellow too.

Meanwhile,Po is getting shot by Tinky Winky when Dipsy and Laa-Laa come in and tells them that cheese is yellow. Po and Tinky winky ask what cheese is, and Dipsy and Laa-Laa shrug because they don't know. Jebus appears again and explains what it is. He tells them it can Blow Stuff Up, aswell as it's yummy too. After that, The Teletubbies decide they want to SEE cheese in order to understand. So they steal some from Mitt Romney, in the same way he did.

After they stole it, They took it back to Teletubby Land. They all take a bite. They Like it, more than toast and custard and There's one piece left and Laa-Laa eats it and turns even yellower than before. The Other Teletubbies beat her up. Then Tinky Winky has a tummy ache, so he goes to sleep. Po accidentally spills it all over Thumper.Thumper pushes it off and shoots Po.

Soon, The Magic Windmill starts spinning. Tinky winky is too lazy to go, so he shoots it down. Laa-Laa and Dipsy learned something new today, That cheese is yellow. So did Tinky Winky and Po. They get another. They take it ready to eat. Suddenly, Noo-Noo Comes and sucks up the cheese. That cheese made Noo-Noo malfunction and explode!!!

The episode ends with Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po hitting the remaints of Noo-Noo, waking up Tinky Winky and causing him to join in.


Children didn't like this because they already know cheese is yellow. Parents liked it because it taught kids who don't know about cheese that it is food.

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