Cheese Irwin is an evil clone of Steve Irwin that is made of cheese


Cheese Irwin's Head in a cheese locker


It was made during a war to destroy Steve Irwin but it was made of cheese so he just kicked its head off and took a bite out of it. It is made of CHEESE people!


Its body is now on desplay in the Museum of Cheese, in a desplay case. Sometimes it mutters to itself about pandas with Laser guns and the End of The World. After Ko tried to nuke Australia, Cheese Irwin disappeared, only to turn up a day later, Dead, with multiple bites out of his body

Things he said

Cquote1 You are a disgrace to this world Cquote2
Cheese Irwin to the Museum director
Cquote1 I HATE YOU!!!! Cquote2
Cheese Irwin to Steve Irwin
Cquote1 YOU WILL BURN IN HELL!!! Cquote2
Cheese Irwin to Steve Irwin
Cquote1 He is coming Cquote2
Cheese Irwin about Ko
Cquote1 The end is near Cquote2
Cheese Irwin
Cquote1 Çheese Cquote2
Cheese Irwin
Cquote1 Once you let me out of here YOU WILL ALL DIE!!!!! Cquote2
Cheese Irwin to the tourists
Cquote1 Well, Well, Well Cquote2
Cheese Irwin
Cquote1 Now, it begins Cquote2
Cheese Irwin
Cquote1 DON'T EAT ME!!!!! Cquote2
Cheese Irwin
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