Cquote1 Alright Shrimp Maggots. This is the- the er...We're in a freaking snow biome. Cquote2
The 'Great' Charlie

Tiny eyes, a mustache, and a Mohawk don't go well...

Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Tiny and Black
Species: Koppaite
Home: Koppai
Likes: His 'Girlfriend', Alph
Dislikes: Being Hungry
Occupation: n00b
Known For: Eating all of the Pikmin.
UnRank: 5

Charlie (Aka The 'Great' Charlie) is a n00b who is known for eating all of the Pikmin. He lives in the alleys of Koppai, hunting for food. He thinks that even a crumb of food is a miracle for him. He also has two n00b friends known as Brittany and Alph. Oh, and he also thinks that his Girlfriend is Brittany, even though Brittany is Gay.

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