Rainbow Guard

The lethal explosion, with a stream of Chaos Energy pouring out of it.

Chaos Energy is the stuff Chaos Emeralds are made of, as well as rainbows and NaN. It was created when The Awesome One accidentally sat on a pack of Skittles and farted. This caused the Chaos Energy to swirl around him, causing a lethal explosion. However, The Awesome One miraculously survived, because he's just that awesome.

Creation of the Chaos Emeralds

The explosive Chaos Energy was harnessed by the Wise Ones, who fashioned it into seven crystalline gems known as the Chaos Emeralds.
Chaos emeralds

The seven Chaos Emeralds, composed of Chaos Energy.

They were promptly stolen by Knuckles (and later, by Sonic), who found that they had the ability to turn anyone "super". Sonic used them to become Super Sonic, which made the Wise Ones afraid. They locked the Chaos Emeralds away into an alterdimensional labyrinth called the Special Stage, but Sonic and his friends found the Emeralds anyway. Ever since then, the Chaos Emeralds have been tossed from foe to foe, causing conflict all over Sonic's home planet, Mobius.

Other Forms of Chaos Energy

Although the Chaos Emeralds are the primary source of Chaos Energy in the UnUniverse, there are also other, less common samples of Chaos Energy in various places and forms. For example, rainbows are actually small streams of Chaos Energy that the Wise Ones have failed to contain. Chaos Energy can also be summoned at will by the T-5001, but only when he is in his Enerjak Form.

Masters of Chaos Energy

The following people can create and/or use some form of Chaos Energy to their advantage:

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