Cquote1 Hanging Pokemon! PokeIndigo! Cquote2
Chandelure's rollcall as PokeIndigo.
Member 14 - Chandelure

Chandelure is PokeIndigo of the Vast Pokeforce and is occupied hanging people's heads on the ceiling, similar to how he is a chandelier.

His designated roman numeral is XIV (14).

Gengar/PokeViolet inspired him to join the group and do all these scary things such as hanging people on the ceiling, putting them in deadly coffins (Speaking of, he invited Cofagrigus, but similar to Salamence, he had his "own things" to do), and even put them near fire pits.

He also used their skulls as "Jack-o-Lanterns" (Speaking of, he invited Gourgeist, but like Cofagrigus, she had her "own things" to do).

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