An example of how it is used...EVILLY!!!

Cementygas is Giygas-like cement created by Giygas and Bob the Builder. Nobody knows what is consists of but most likely the most expensive stuff out there in the world! It is currently illegal in every country in the world, except for France.

Cementygas is only used by Bob, because Nobody else is stupid enough to actually attempt to use this. Though it is used for destructive purposes, it is more dangerous for the user than anything else. They have to be very careful. Only Bob knows how to do this.

Why it was made


Cementygas when wet, notice the fire on it

It was made because Bob the Builder needed a material that could be used to help build destroy buildings. He needed to meet the master of evil, Giygas. He ventured down to his lair and they got some of Bob's cement and combined it with Giygas' Kolk (a material used to destroy stuff). They combined it and mixed it in a mixing bowl and then Cementygas was born! Bob thanked Giygas and used this material from now on.


  • Destruction
  • Construction
  • Take buildings apart
  • Burn things down
  • Kill people
  • Pretty much every possible evil use you can think of
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