Teletubby Fire
Caveman Times is the 16th episode in the Teletubbies (TV Series). In this episode, the Teletubbies do bad things with fire.


The episode starts in a prehistoric Teletubby Land. A Teletubby Land Bunny is laughing at Laa-Laa, so Laa-Laa uses an ancient ritual to make lightning strike the bunny. However, the lightning also hits a nearby tree, setting it on fire. The Teletubbies have never seen fire before, but they like it. They snap a burning branch from the tree and set various things on fire. Wishing to learn more about the strengh of fire, Dipsy takes a tiny burning twig, and puts it on Noo-Noo's garbage pile. The fire quickly spreads, turning the entire pile to ash. Angrily, Noo-Noo sucks up the ash and the twig, but it reches the flammable liquids inside him, and sets him on fire. This delights the Teletubbies, and they set various bunnies and minions on fire. The Teletubbies enjoy seeing others suffer so much, they have a fire party. All the Teletubbies enjoy burning things, but Tinky Winky falls asleep, and starts snoring and drooling. The other Teletubbies decide to have some fun waking him up, and set him on fire. The episode ends with the Teletubbies watching Tinky Winky running around screaming and on fire.


Everyone except for children hated this episode.

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