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Cave drawing rock horrortime tubby
P horrortime.jpeg
Gender: Male
Hair color: None
Age: Black
Alive or Dead?: Dead

He is a group of 3 mineral tubby clones of Horrortime Tubby that's texture resemble rocks with cave painting like colour. They are the youngest of the mineral tubbies.

They hate Gold Tinky Winky, despise Amethyst Po and like Diamond Dipsy. They despite being 3 creature's share one sentience which is why there classed as one creature.

The first member of the trio was killed and eaten by Italian Dinosaurs in a cave deep underground.

The second member was crushed by a rock because he was crushed by a rock.

and the third member had the most dramatic death, in a glorious cave in, he was doused in gasoline, eaten by a giant frog and then crushed in a rock crusher.

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