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Photo of a Cave Tubby, taken by your mom

Cave Tubbies are an endangered species of teletubby. They were formed accidentally when Po tried to make Tubby toast for breakfast and put 10 gorillas in the Tubby-Tron, which was double her usual recipe.


One day the Tubby-Tron 3000 had a slight malfunction caused by a single loose screw, which was enough to compromise the gorilla's DNA, causing them to morph into bloodthirsty cavemen-like tubbies instead of tubby toasts.

Appearance and Abilities

Cave Tubbies are muscular and a lot stronger than regular tubbies. They are able to see in the dark extremely well. Their night vision, combined with their other senses (their ability to lurk, stalk and prey on), makes them well-equipped for hunting. Because of this, they are considered nocturnal.


  • Po allegedly killed 2 of them and ate them, but everyone thinks the claim is false since no bodies nor any traces were found, and the Tubby-Tron would only become functional again a week later.
  • Scientists are still struggling to figure out how many there are and where they could possibly be located at. Only Chuck Noris and the Undefeatables know of their whereabouts. And no, they aren't planning on telling You either.
  • It is also very, very illegal to poach them and if someone does, they will be sent to The German Prison.
  • It is also illegal to keep them as pets or servants.
  • Martin is commonly mistaken for one due to his clawed hand.