Cascadia is a country on the Western Coast of North America. It borders the United States to the southeast and south, Canada to the northeast, and has a maritime border with Russia along the Bering Sea. It is divided into 8 states: Alaska, Yukon, British Columbia, Vancouver Island, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Jefferson. Its capital is Victoria, and its largest cities are Seattle and Vancouver. It was formerly Oregon Country, a condominium of the US and Canada, before its independence on July 3, 1995 (chosen because it's halfway between Canada Day and US Independence Day). Its internet TLD is .oc (which stands for Oregon Country).

States and capitals

  • Alaska - Juneau
  • Yukon - Whitehorse
  • British Columbia - Prince George
  • Vancouver Island - Victoria (also the capital of the country as a whole)
  • Washington - Olympia
  • Oregon - Salem
  • Idaho - Boise
  • Jefferson - Yreka
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