Carpet god

An artists rendering of Carpet god

Gender: Male
Hair color: Purple Carpet Fuzz
Eye color: Black
Species: Carpetian
Home: Carpetia
Death: Never
AKA: Mr. Carpet God
Likes: Carpets, Bleach
Dislikes: Grape Juice, Cheese
Education: He knows everything.
Occupation: God of Carpets, Rugs, and Welcome Mats
Known For: creating carpets and rugs and welcome mats, Winning the Great Floor War
UnRank: 980,560,000

Carpet God is the ruler and creator of Caprets, Rugs, and Welcome Mats. He lives in Carpetia, a planet made entirely out of carpets. He was made when he was born, which was when he was made.


He is a giant purple carpet with a smiley face sewn on and a top hat that acts as his crown. He is about the size of an average carpet and is extremely thin, only weighing 45 pounds.

Powers and Abilities

Carpet God has the ability the ability to create carpets, anything made out of carpets, rugs, and welcome mats. His Top Hat has the abilitiy to shoot bleach in case someone spills grape juice on a Carpetian.


Carpet God was born when he was made, which was when he was born. His first thought was "I am lonely, I'm going to make more carpets!", which he did. His first Carpetian was name Rufus. After 12 days, 4 hours, 24 minutes, and 7 seconds he made the planet Carpetia which was filled with Carpetians. He went down into his and took a nap. He had a dream about two new species. He instantly woke up and made them. He called the Rugolians and WelcomeMatlians. His brother, Floorboard King was jealous of him and started a war. It was called the Great Floor War. Carpet God eventually killed him use a lighter. For some unknown reason, carpet god has a extreme phobia of cheese.

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