Captain Falcon is an accomplished F-Zero pilot and renowned bounty hunter. He was once Captain on the Internova Police Force, hence the name Captain Falcon. He is the galaxy's most renowned bounty hunter. He as gained many enemies because of this. He lives in solitude because of his fear of being abducted by his enemies. He lives on the outskirts of Mute City, where he is still able to practice racing.


Captain Falcon has countless enemies. He has arrested thousands of people for doing things like littering, or swearing in public, which are not crimes in Mute City. He has also hunted down some of the most powerful criminals in the world, who have tried to assassinate him many tines over, but they can not because Captain Falcon is an awesome person. Shaggy Rogers is considered to be a Frenemy, but most of the time he is an Enemy who tries to Unmask Him.

Shame Appearances

This is. List of shames Captain Falcon has appeared in:

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