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" Spin the wheel don't rattle me bones! "
  —Captain Bones

Captain Bones is a skeleton captain known for sailing the seas and hanging out with his unnamed partner. He has a board game based off of him and also has haunted people and held children on his ship against their will. Nobody knows where or when he was born, or much about his early life before becoming a star. He's best friends with Dry Bones.


As mentioned before, much of Captain Bone's early life is unknown. It is believe that he once served in a war and then became a pirate captain. How he died is still a mystery, but it is widely believed that scurvy (not to be confused with skurvy) is what killed him. Somehow he and some of his crew members became part of the undead. It is also unknown how they became part of the living dead as well. Captain Bones had a game made after him, and the goal was not to rattle his bones. Unfortunately for him, most people think that the goal is to rattle his bones. During a point in his life, his popularity fell drastically, and he had to resort to prostitution to make money. Unfortunately, he was not a good prostitute, the good news is they he regained his popularity and met his unnamed partner, who would end up making him a star. Bones also helped him with dating advice, which would eventually land them in jail,,luckily they were able to break out in an epic fashion. Now he and his partner continue to film .Bones Videos" and have steadily increased his popularity among YouTube Poopers.