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Captain 2 being sad as usual.

Captain 2 is the opposite of Captain 1 and the VERY opposite of Captain 0. He's a poopy villain and is poopy.

About Captain 2

Captain 2 is stronger than Captain 1, yet Captain 0 is stronger than Captain 2 because Captain 0 can still beat him even if their UnRanks are equal. He once tried to defeat Chuck Norris. Boy, what a BIG mistake he made. You see why? Chuck Norris is stronger than anyone else, even Captain 2. So, Chuck would have defeated him in 1 second. He formed an alliance with Captain 1, although that didn't work out. You'll see why in the Trivia. Captain 2 once got arrested, but he is so strong (although not strong as Chuck Norris) that he got out of jail free by destroying the prison. He eventually joined the Legion of Captains.


  • Captain 2 is the 2nd most powerful member in the Legion of Captains.
  • Some dude who's totally not the sacred Vesta saw the horrible Captain 2 and lived to tell the tale. This is his drawing. He was scared hyped drawing every single line of this dude.

You know how Captain 2's alliance with Captain 1 didn't work out? Well, Captain 1 denied him because he tried to steal Captain 1's kill on Captain 0. Now they are enemies forever.

  • You know how Captain 1 is a big zero as shown in the trivia of Captain 1? Well, Captain 2 is the next big zero. Or should we call him BIG -0. Wait, what if there is a Captain -0? We will never know...
  • He tried to do circus acts at the circus, but everyone hated him so he got kicked out.
  • He got a home in hell, but it got destroyed by Po because he didn't like him too.
  • Nobody likes him, except Norris Chuck cuz he created him.
  • He once got stranded in Teletubby Land. He defeated all the Teletubbies. He made a portal to get back home to his now nonexistent house.
  • Unlike Captain 1 and Captain 0, he was born with no hands. He eventually grew 3 though. COINCIDENCE? Yes.