Cquote1 No need to fear, the lucky Captain 17 is here! :D Cquote2
Captain 17 saving the day.
Captain 17
Captain 17

Captain 17, the happy-go-lucky number captain.

Gender: Male
Eye color: Cyan
Species: Number Captain
Likes: Wishing people good luck.
Dislikes: Wishing people bad luck and fear.
Known For: Being happy-go-lucky all the time.
UnRank: 1,750

Captain 17 is the younger cousin of Captain 7 and Captain 0, and is a happy-go-lucky (and lucky) number captain. He really hates Captain 9 with a passion, and more so than Captain 1 since Captain 9 made bigger threats than Captain 1 did. Captain 17 is also in a deep relationship with Captain 18.

His arch-nemesis always has been Captain 12 and hated his "chronology".

Captain 17 and Captain 18 were married on December 14, 9018, and had their baby boy, Captain 19 on May 5, 9022.

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