Cquote1.png Have a free sample of my super freeze breath! Cquote2.png
Captain 16 on his use of Pingas.
Captain 16
Captain 16.jpg

Him, sans club.

Gender: Male
Hair color: Celeste horns
Eye color: Celeste
Species: Number Captain
Home: Created at the northern tip of Ellsmere Island, Canada, resides in the Satanist Empire currently.
AKA: The Northern Number Captain
Occupation: Elemental Bearer of Ice
Known For: Being the "North" of the Number Captains.

Captain 16 I is one of the next "Number Captains" that was born and is a member of the Satanist Empire. He, along with his fellow three (1314, and 15) each represent a Cardinal Direction. He represented the North.

His primary color on the torso (cyan) is a reference to his element, Ice. He froze Teletubby Land once.

What he does for a living? Working at a McDonald's in the SE.

He says Karkat Vantas is a "complete rip-off" of him, just like the others say.

Captain 16 might not be on Wikia, but he's definitely on Referata, doing the stuff that Captain 14 is doing on Wikia.

He then heard about Googolplex's death. He attended his funeral. He was happy that Starscream became "the great successor".

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