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Captain 15, being an idiot.
Captain 15
Captain 15.jpg

The Satanist Number Captain who hails from the East

Gender: Male
Hair color: Orange Horns
Eye color: Orange
Species: Number Captain
Home: Line Islands, Kiribati
Death: Suicide fire bombing, respawned
AKA: Pyroboi33
Likes: Fire
Dislikes: Stuff that extinguishes fire
Occupation: Elemental Bearer of Fire
Known For: Being the "East" of the Number Captains.
UnRank: 444,444,444,444

Captain 15 is one of the next "Number Captains" that was born and is a member of the Satanist Empire. He, along with her fellow three (1314, and 16) each represent a Cardinal Direction. He represented the East.

His and Captain 13's skin color being light gray is a reference to West and East being on the x-axis. 

His primary color on the torso (red) is a reference to his element, Fire. He also lit houses on fire and shot fireworks at everybody.

He says Aradia Megido is a "complete rip-off" of him, though Aradia Megido was created well before 15 even was dreamt by our favourite power tower, Googolplex.


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