Captain 13
Captain 13


Gender: Female
Hair color: Green Horns
Eye color: Green
Species: Number Captain
Home: UnBritish Columbia, Canada
AKA: westppl (username)
Likes: West
Dislikes: Geese
Occupation: Elemental Bearer of Stone
Known For: Being the "West" of the Satanist Captains
UnRank: 12,000

Cquote1 About to have a bad day eh? Cquote2
Captain 13, just after Captain 10 left the Satanist Empire

Captain 13 is the next "Number Captain" that was born and is a member of the Satanist Empire. She, along with her fellow three (14, 15, and 16) each represent a Cardinal Direction. She represented the West.

Her element she uses, at least in battle, is stone.

What Captain 13 does for a living is attacking the people on the internet, like YouTube, online games, and even 4chan, she's everywhere.

She says Terezi Pyrope is a "complete rip-off" of her, though Terezi Pyrope was born before Captain 13, why Captain 13 hates her so much.

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