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Captain 12, to the Chronoclastic Unity Pact
Captain 12
Captain 12

Captain 12:00?

Gender: Male
Hair color: Yellow Horns
Eye color: Yellow
Species: Number Captain
Home: South Hyrule
Likes: Traveling through time, puns.
Dislikes: Being stuck in the present.
Education: NA
Occupation: Time Traveler
Known For: Screwing up the Past and Future, as well as the Present.
UnRank: -12,000,000

Captain 12 is beyond becoming more dangerous than Captain 9. Don't say he's a good number captain just because he's got bright colors on him, because he is NOT, he's in fact very evil. He's also brothers with Captain 10.

Captain 12 can be seen in the past and future due to that he travels through time by making a time portal just for himself. He can be seen in the past (1 AD - 2016) screwing everything up, and as well as the future (10,000 AD - Infinity).

He is also a historian, he put all of the pictures of events he took on Wikia, but then the VSTF deleted everything he made and banned him for because he was secretly the account behind Jhmariofan.

He's seen hanging and chilling with Captain 9, Captain 10, and Captain 11, but one day, all four teamed up with Captain 0, Captain 1, Captain 2, Captain 3, Captain 4, Captain 5, Captain 6, Captain 7, and Captain 8 against Captain 69.

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