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Captain 11, joining the Satanist Empire.
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Captain 11, flirting.
Captain 11
Captain 11.jpg

Captain 11.

Gender: Female
Hair color: Green Horns
Eye color: Green
Species: Number Captain
Home: NA
Death: NA
Likes: Helping Captain 9.
Dislikes: When Captain 9 gets killed along with Captain 10 and Captain 12.
Education: NA
Occupation: Satanist Number Captain
Known For: Being the lowest-ranking female Number Captain on the planet

Captain 11 is a BAD captain, and the first EVIL female captain. She is Captain 9's girlfriend, who is the most dangerous out of all number captains. She is interested in all the non-Cardinal Satanist number captains (Which are 9, 10, and 12), especially Captain 9.

She especially hates Captain 0.


Captain 11 was created by Googolplex born along with Captains 9, 10, and 12 when Googolplex felt that he needed Number Captains that are response to all the other ones numbered 0 - 8, especially Captain 0 and Captain 7.

Relationship with Captain 9

  1. Born, and then had whoopee 24/7.
  2. Captain 11 saved Captain 9 from Captain 0.
  3. Captain 9 saved Captain 11 from Captain 1. (Presumably because Captain 1 is evil, but a different kind of evil.)
  4. Captains 9 and 11 had to team with Captains 0 and 7 in order to defeat Captain 69.
  5. To be continued...
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