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" This game sucks! "
  —Captain 10, playing the most evil game ever a magnificent game!
Captain 10
Captain 10.png
The Decade on a weekend.
Gender: Male
Hair color: NA
Eye color: Red
Species: Number Captain
Home: Unknown
Death: NA
AKA: "The Decade"
Likes: Helping the Legion of Captains, video games
Dislikes: Parental controls
Education: Gaming lessons
Occupation: Official Gamer
Known For: Being the top gamer in the UnWorld
Alignment: Neutral
UnRank: 540,300

Captain 10 is an EPIC gamer who knows how to beat every game EVER. You could generally call him a Number Captain, but he is a super-gamer who generally just mods games such as Super Mario Bros. and UnAnything: The GAME. His secret? Genes.

He made a business out of writing guides on how to beat games, which reels in Un$27,000,000 every year and is part of funding for the Legion of Captains. He was once part of the Satanist Empire but rejected the ways of Googolplex. That isn't true. Captain 10 was never a Satanist.

He once was a small scale gamer created by people tampering with Number Captain DNA. Due to this, he also knew how to code without using the EVIL Scratch website. He knew of his Number Captain heritage, and when the job for a "Developer" at the Legion of Captains came, he gladly accepted the job. He was responsible for inventing the computer system that the Legion of Captains management team would use, and is also responsible for beating games nobody can beat.

He appeared in UnAnything: The MOVIE not as a cameo, and not as a small character, but rather the person who is responsible for charging the laser that killed the invading armada.

He hates parental controls, but is smart (and ballsy) enough to disable them.

Captain 10's rarely-seen battle armor. Currently under redesign; do not delete.


  • The_Captain__ (PSN)
  • The Decade is King (Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, current)
  • Captain_Man__ (Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, former)
  • [SSC] Captain Decade (Steam)


  • His favourite Youtube Poop is MLG Teletubbies.
  • His armor has an UnRank of OVER 9000.
  • His favourite video games are Doom and Animal Crossing as of July 8, 2020.
  • On PSN, he has 995 bronze trophies, 208 silver trophies, 50 gold trophies, and 1 platinum trophy.
  • His first console was an NES, his favorite console is the Playstation 5, followed by the PS3 and PS4.