Cquote1.png You can't beat me..... I AM CAPTAIN 10!!!!! I AM THE DECADE!!!!! Cquote2.png
Captain 10 during a fight.
Cquote1.png You're a bad influence! Cquote2.png
Captain 10 rebelling against the Satanist Empire, especially Googolplex.
Captain 10
Captain 10 (Good).jpg

The Decade on a weekend.

Gender: Male
Hair color: NA
Eye color: Red
Species: Number Captain
Home: Unknown
Death: NA
AKA: "The Decade"
Likes: Helping the Legion of Captains, video games
Dislikes: Parental controls
Education: Gaming lessons
Occupation: Swordsman, "Defender"
Known For: Being the top gamer in the UnWorld
UnRank: 540,300

Captain 10 is the son of Captain 100, and grandson of Captain 1,000, both of whom were disappointed in him after he followed Googolplex's path.

Before joining Googolplex's Satanist Empire, he was formerly friends with Captain 20 until Captain 10's betrayal.

Unlike all Number Captains up to this point, Captain 10 is armored up instead of not wearing anything at all.

Why he wears the armor is because of 1. to "Protect" himself, and 2. Be a Meta Knight-wannabe.

He also wants to rule the entire world on his own, but he can't. There's no way one being can rule the world. Unless the world is very small.

Captain 10 in his armor.

Later, Captain 10 realized the mistakes that he has caused, he told Googolplex that he was a bad influence for him, slashed him in the face leaving a scar in his eye for a while, and apologizing to Captain 20, Captain 30, Captain 40, Captain 50 as well as his father and grandfather, Captain 100 and Captain 1,000, and everyone else. He even admitted that he couldn't rule his own world. Thus, he rejoined the ACAAC, left the Satanist Empire and became a good number captain again, though he still has issues with the other number captains that remained in the Satanist Empire.

Later, Captain 10 gave up all his gold he stole from his grandfather, Captain 1,000, in exchange for bronze. Part of this bronze went to use in monument construction in Captain 0 Land at 0's request.

After defecting from the Satanist Empire, he joined the Pepsi Republic, created by Pepsiman.


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