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The Gamecube Cover

Captain 0: The RPG is an RPG shame for the Nintendo Shamecube, PS2 AND Windows released by Nintendo and any other shame developer (has been disputed though). However, it is still in development and being updated. It has been sued by the Legion of Captains many times, but they failed considering game rights reserved for Captain 0 are NONE.

The RPG is about Captain 0 saving the universe from evil Weegee clones who are attempting to invade the UnUniverse and turn it into a giant WEEGEE!! It's basically a gigantic crossover of all UnUniverse characters, with fans believing it will lead up to an epic boss battle with none other than Weegee himself.

Rumors of a UnAnything Wiki demo of Captain 0: The RPG are being made currently, but it is not known if this is true. A PS3 port was rumored, but was put to rest. The same goes for Xbox systems. A PS2 port does exist but has some inferiorities.


Captain 0 has just returned from his awesome adventure in the forest behind his house and is preparing to get back to his house. Suddenly, Weegee clones and Malleo clones invade the town while Captain 0 is sleeping and nukes the town. What had happened?

Captain 0 wakes up to Weegee clones bagging him and choking him. You then have to control Captain 0 as he walks around 1D Planet and fight small Weegee clones in the tutorial. Then after, a Weegee ship is seen and bombs 1D Planet. The game starts after this point.

Tutorial screenshot (widescreen hack)

You wake up, gagged and tied up. Weegee comes and stares at you endlessly and then shoots you with a dart gun. After that, you wake up AGAIN on a weird toxic planet called LV32B, the only place safe from the Weegees. You walk around stabbing Weegees until you get to the first stage boss, Captain 6. He only takes 5 hits to kill, and when you kill Captain 6 you obtain Captain -0, a professional hitman from afar who can deal long shot instakills to F tier Weegees.

You and your ally Captain -0 traverse the next sector of LV32B, as you stab D and F tier Weegees and fight mini bosses. Then, a gigantic ship comes and 2 Weegees come out: Waweegee and Walleo. You can use Captain -0 to take them out at half the time you'd be using Captain 0, and after that you obtain Captain 15, a person who only uses melee stuff but still packs a bunch into her character. After that you go to THE NEXT SECTOR of LV32B where you fight D and E level Weegees. Here, the minibosses are Teletubbies who are support teams for the Weegees that take 5 to 7 hits. Eventually, you reach the Tiny Weegee, a weak puny Weegee that takes 1 HIT. After this, nothing happens but a note drops. The note reads the following:

" Thank you for playing this awesome game! "
  —The Note

The game ends after. It's not done.


Captain 0 - Awesome guy and main character. Has the Sword of "What??" which has been downplayed since Nintendo is a Sissy. Is an Undefeatable and knows 3 spells, one being very powerful.

Captain -0 - Sniper hitman, can insta kill F tier Weegees. Can be leveled up to absolutely destroy a third of A tier Weegee health.

Captain 15 - Uses melee only, but can deal lotsa damage to F and E level Weegees. Can be used while also using Captain -0 to deal insta kills to F Weegees and can be leveled up to do more damage to higher health Weegees.

Captain 1,000 - Seen in trailer

Morshu - Was sadly scrapped


Captain 6 - First boss you fight. Very weak and takes 5 hits,

The Weegees Evil mini clones of Weegee. Tiers vary.

The Malleos - basically the same as Weegees, but stronger.

Acoustic Weegee LV32 mini boss, takes 2 hits.

Stupid Weegee LV32 mini boss, takes 1 hit. STUPID!!

Waweegee and Walleo: Duet Weegees that resemble Weegee and Malleo. Take 14 hits (7 each)

The Teletubbies: Support teams for the Weegees, mini bosses. Randomly can be generated to become a Telweegee. Hits vary from 5 to 7.

Tiny Weegee: Joke made by Nintendo about a tiny Weegee. Takes 1 hit.