Cquote1 I'm 1 in Russian, but Captain 1 is horrid. *disgusted robot noises* Cquote2
Captain один

Captain один ' is a Number Captain from Soviet Russia. He is not a normal one, as he dosen't have a


checker pattern body, but he is Russian, so why complain?

When first introduced, every Number Captain was skeptical, as один is 1 in Russian, but he was actually pretty nice of a guy, only he was Russian so nobody knew what he said without using Google Translate.

He worships Dr. Robotnik day and night for being a pure Russian soul. He loves to blast Russian music at full volume too.

He only eats 8 layered Russian honey cake, as it is the best food ever.


  • Blare USSR anthem at full volume.
  • Summon miniature clones of himself. (can only use abilities 1 and 3)
  • Transform into a soviet tank

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