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" Загрузка pакетная пусковая установка. "
  —Captain Псих. He's loading a rocket launcher.

Captain Псих is a Number Captain from Soviet Russia. He is not a normal one, as he dosen't have a


checker pattern body, but he is Russian, so why complain?

When first introduced, every Number Captain was skeptical as Псих is Psycho in Russian. But he was actually pretty nice of a guy, only he was Russian so nobody knew what he said without using Google Translate.

He worships Dr. Robotnik day and night for being a pure Russian soul. He loves to blast Russian music at full volume too.

He only eats 8 layered Russian honey cake, as it is the best food ever.


  • Blare USSR anthem at full volume.
  • Summon miniature clones of himself. (can only use abilities 1 and 3)
  • Transform into a soviet tank

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