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Gender: Male
Hair color: A tuft of blue
Eye color: Red
Species: We're not excactly sure, but something that's a cross between a ghost and a hat
Home: Something called the Cap Kingdom
Education: *shrugs*
Known For: Joining Luigi on adventures
UnRank: 8000

Cappy is some hat-ghost that somehow recently joined forces with Luigi. Bowser somehow wanted to (yes, really!) MARRY PEACH for some absurd reason, which caused Cappy and Mario to shoot Bowser and stab Peach, which they then ran off, laughing. That was a pretty dumb decision, right? *chuckles* WRONG!!!


For some reason, his sister was randomly kidnapped by Bowser while he was planning his marriage in mid-late 2017. It's probably just she looked just good enough. So then he teamed up with the plumber hero we all know and love, and, Luigi, In one terrible adventure. Tinky Winky shot Luigi for absolutely no reason at all. Cappy shot Tinky Winky back, which started a massive gunfight that quickly killed both Cappy and Tinky Winky. But they respawned shortly after.

After that, he hid in his house for a year before receiving an invite from Mario to go party or something.


  • Ummmm... Possession? - Excactly what it says on the tin.


  • He's been shooting Somebody year-round. We honestly don't know why.
  • He sometimes hides in Hyrule when he's on the run from his enemies.
  • We don't know if he has ever met Alt 2.0. There was a rumor about Cappy going to Teletubby Land and just shooting her RIGHT IN THE FACE SCREEN.
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