Candee is a candy which comes in many different varieties. The main flavor is CHOCOLATE! which tastes like chocolate. Candee was created by Doddy as a way to become famous.



  • Red- Strawberry
  • Aquamarine- Blue raspberry
  • Beige- Fresh Eggs!
  • Blue- Water (advertised with Doddy)
  • Violet- Blueberry
  • Pink- ROFL ROFL
  • Silver- 599 US dollars flavor (advertised with an NES)
  • Gold- Butter!
  • White and Yellow- Buttered Popcorn
  • Rainbow- Rainbow
  • Gray- Clouds
  • Burgundy- Dr. Pepper Flavor
  • Brown- Fudge!
  • Green- Green apple flavour (advertised with Dipsy)
  • Black- Liquorice flavour
  • Vivid Green- Lime Flavor
  • Cream- Chocolate milkshake Flavor
  • Greenish Brown- Mint chocolate flavor
  • Lineart: Candee flavour.
  • Shiny Blue: LAZOR flavour.
  • Yellow: Lemon flavor (advertised with Laa-Laa)
  • Dark Green: Tree Flavored
  • Bright Red: Cherry flavor (advertised with Po)
  • Lighter Pink: Cotton candy Flavored
  • Color-Changing: DINNER flavor
  • Light blue: Viagra flavor
  • Light Orange: Awesome Sauce Flavored
  • Dark black: EVIL!!1 flavor Discontinued (it was advertised with Mumu hence why)
  • Strawberry blonde: Love flavor (advertised with Alt 2.0.)
  • Tan and White: Creme Filled Caramel flavored
  • Yellow, Green and Blue: Tropical fruit flavor
  • Cream and yellow: Chocolate and banana milkshake flavor (advertised with Doge)
  • Blue and red: Random fruit flavors

Candee Boozled

  • Tan and white- Stinky Socks
  • Beige- Rotten Eggs
  • Rainbow- Unicorn Poop
  • Dark Green- Spinach
  • Silver- Sardines
  • Green- Booger
  • Black- Skunk Spray
  • Greenish Brown- You DEFINITELY don't wanna know.
  • Strawberry Blonde- OMG WTF flavor
  • Cream and yellow- Vomit
  • Vivid Green- Grass
  • Lighter Yellow- Earwax
  • Orange- Buttfish
  • Light pink- Dog food
  • Light Orange- I don't know?
  • Red- Ghost Pepper
  • Shiny Blue: Toothpaste
  • Brown- You don't want to know. Trust me.
  • Gold- I don't know, but it rots your teeth!
  • Blinding white- Soap
  • Burgundy- Sausage
  • Pink- Worms
  • Tan- Dirt
  • White and Yellow- Moldy Cheese
  • Gray- Baby Wipes
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