This is a summer camp founded by Wonky Donkey, named for HIMSELF, OF COURSE.


It was founded in 1999 by Wonky Donkey, who hoped he could use Idiot Manipulation on all the unfortunate campers. After visiting the camp, anybody turns wonky.

Tonky Wonky nearly blew up the camp in 2006 on the same day the original Teen Titans TV series was canceled. He was angry at Wonky Donkey because he claimed his name was a ripoff of his code name, "Wonky Tonky". But, he was also angry because the original Teen Titans show, was, well, canceled. Tinky Winky used Face Morphing on him to stop him from blowing the camp up.

Activities at the camp

  • Canoeing
  • Campfire songs: they include Leddit Go and This Little Light of Mine.
  • Swimming in ice-cold water
  • Idiot Manipulation lessons
  • Smell Manipulation lessons
  • Face Morphing lessons

Notable Wonky Donkey Campers

All these guys have gone to Camp Wonky Donkey. Some have came out with morphed faces (marked with *).


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