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" scuse me lol "
  —Camerupt, undercover in New York City.

Member 7 - Camerupt.png

Camerupt is PokeOrange of the Vast Pokeforce and serves one of the "pyromaniac" of the group alongside Houndoom (PokeBlack).

His designated roman numeral is VII (7).

Camerupt's closest friend was always Sharpedo, and they always loved torturing their victims as well as stealing their items.

He is always negative alongside Ursaring (PokeBrown) and Houndoom (PokeBlack), and like Houndoom, he is always angry and burn everything/everyone to death. Though, if Camerupt is super angry, his eyes will turn orange.

Tyrantrum (PokeRed) always approve of that whenever Camerupt (PokeOrange) burns everything to death and everywhere to death.

He is the chronological eleventh member of the 18-member organization created by Thanos known as the Ultimate Platinum Overlord Invasion Organization, which is a sister organization with Galvatron's Supreme Golden Ace Invasion Organization. His closest friend, Sharpedo joined right after him.

Camerupt is also known to erupt lava, thus burning other areas in other cities in the UnWorld.

Camerupt is the eleventh member to join the Quintessential Elemental Emperor Invasion Organization in general chronologically and is the fifth member in the Fire Group.

He is also the second member to join the Infinity Army.

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