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Calliope, dueling Caliborn.

Calliope, switching weapons.

Gender: Female
Eye color: Lime
Species: 1/3 Anon, 1/3 Cherub, 1/3 Human
Home: Somewhere in America.
AKA: Good Ophiuchus
Likes: Defending herself from her brother, Caliborn/Lord English.
Dislikes: Caliborn/Lord English, Googolplex, The Candyman, Gamzee Makara, etc.
Known For: Helping the rest of the Twelve Homestuck Trolls.
UnRank: Giggol

Calliope is one of the two sibling anons cherubs (The other being her brother, Caliborn) that represent the Ophiuchus sign. Due to her being quite nice, her element is light rather than darkness (In contrast to Caliborn's rudeness and him representing the element of darkness).

She's an anon a cherub rather than an average troll due to that Ophiuchus was rumored to be the "13th zodiac".

She trained herself in America.

Calliope is quite kind, especially with her kind personality. Though she doesn't seem to like Gamzee Makara due to him being a jerk a lot.

She can never stand her brother, especially after he became Lord English, who was said to become stronger than The Chosen One, but not as powerful as Chuck Norriseegee after becoming Lord English.

She has lime blood, cheeks, and eyes, and types in the bright color of white (In contrast to Caliborn/Lord English's scarlet blood, cheeks, and eyes, and him typing in black, and Karkat typing in gray).


Her and Caliborn (artist's rendition, 6000)

Her symbol is the vertical straight line with two snakes going around it, which has the vertical line being whitish and the snakes being lime (In contrast to Calliope's symbol being the "U" with a curly line passing through it and that being done with a black "U" and scarlet line).

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