Call of Ducky 3


Call of Ducky 3 is not Call of Ducky or Call of Ducky 2. It is Call of Ducky 3, supposedly the best Call of Ducky shame that has ever had a "3" in its name (we're looking at you Modern Warfare 3). Call of Ducky 3 only had a lifespan of 8 months, as Call of Ducky 4 had come out shortly afterwards.


In Call of Ducky 3, Somebody is the main character. The story revolves around Somebody fighting in the Old War. Somebody is a private in the Squadala Army, and trained to use various Squadala weapons custom made by Morshu. Somebody's goal is to infiltrate the Canadian capital without being detected. This all happens in a timeframe of about ten minutes.

Meanwhile, Private Eugene Harold Armorabs Krabs has joined the Ducky Legion due to the fact that you get lotsa money for it. Mr. Krabs fights during the invasion of Spain, protecting it from the evil UnAmerican forces. After twenty-six days of grueling combat, Mr. Krabs has not seen a penny, and he quits.

Mr. Krabs and Somebody eventually meet when they both take the same boat back to the Ducky Empire. The boat is then attacked by UnAmerican forces. The two of them must work together to save the boat from total destruction. They succeed, and both get to go home... without getting paid.


The shame plays the exact same way the first two shames play. You get guns and you shoot guys. The only difference is that this shame has more hackers and less explosions. This upsets most people, but Ducky thinks it's kind of funny.


ISN gave it a 9.4 calling it "A very interesting and awkward experience in so many different ways". Biased Ratings gave it a 4 out of 27. Mr. Krabs gives it four out of five UnDollars (he then takes the UnDollars back). ShameSpy just said screw it and went go-karting with Mario. Chuck Norris blinked in its direction, so we assume that's a good thing.

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