Call of Ducky 2 Big Red One

Call of Ducky 2: Big Red One is a video shame in the Call of Ducky series and a spinoff of Call of Ducky 2. It continues the story of Dr. Batman and his unconditional service to Ducky. The shame scored poorly at Biased Ratings, receiving only 47/9001 points. It was also the first Call of Ducky shame to feature guns that shoot pineapples, so there's that.


The shame starts in a wide open meadow, green grass and beautiful flowers as far as the eye can see. Then Dr. Batman gets up and realizes he's covered in blood. He notices that his mustache had been hit by a stray bullet. He rips it off, and tosses it into the stream below. The various diseases in his blood kill all of the fish. Jar Jar Binks sees this and he swears revenge.

Dr. Batman gets on a plane (that he just randomly finds in the meadow) and flies back to the Ducky Empire. He meets up with Ducky, who personally thanks him for his heroic actions. Dr. Batman thinks that he is the greatest hero in the UnWorld, and laughs in Ducky's face. Dr. Batman gets 40 lashes.

Meanwhile, Jar Jar Binks is plotting his revenge. He decides the best thing to do would be to shoot Dr. Batman. He grabs a gun, goes to the Ducky Empire, and starts shooting at Dr. Batman. The brave doctor survives, but Ducky has taken a bullet and now must taken to a healer of Koridai known as The Big Red One. Dr. Batman takes Ducky to the Big Red One. Ducky revives the services of the Big Red One and becomes a changed man.


The first level of the shame is a video, showing Dr. Batman's return to the Ducky Empire. Every level after that is an escort mission that brings Dr. Batman and Ducky closer to the Big Red One. This shame, like Call of Ducky 2, is just one big escort mission. Despite that, this shame is actually fun (except for the escort mission, that part sucked).

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