Call of Ducky The Movie

The cover designers were told they only had 5 minutes to design a cover.

Call of Ducky: The Movie is a movie released in 2012 based on the Call of Ducky Shames. It is highly suspected the idiots who made this movie had never so much as smelled a Call of Ducky shame. On opening day, the film grossed $10.


The film stars Ducky as the protagonist, deutertagonist, tetiary, antagonist, foil, supporting characters, locations, items, vehicles, plotlines, special effects, music and sound effects. The film starts with Ducky reaching towards his iPhone. Then he starts calling people. He calls Ducky, and then he calls Ducky, then he calls Ducky, and then he calls Ducky. Then he hangs up, and starts shooting at everything


Biased Ratings decided this film got 7 out of 10.5 stars. Hollywood was disgusted by this abomination, meaning that it was so bad Hollywood wouldn't accept it. Bowser Studios attempted to take credit for this film because Bowser loved it so much. Ducky was unavailable for interview, but we're pretty sure he loved it based on the way he shoots Anybody who mentions it.


  • Ducky: Star of the movie.
  • Ducky: The guy Ducky called
  • Ducky: The other guy Ducky called
  • Ducky: The other guy Ducky called
  • Ducky: The other guy Ducky called
  • Dark Ducky: Cameo appearance only; played by Ducky
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