COD da coloring book

Call of Ducky: The Coloring Book is a genius idea that Ducky came up with one day. He decided that the Call of Ducky series wasn't selling enough stuff to the 3-5 demographic. Ducky decided all little kids like coloring books, so they made this. To this day, it is the most popular Call of Ducky related item in stores.

The idea first came to Ducky while he was sitting in his office, bossing around his slaves. He realized little kids loved violence, and they loved coloring books. He mixed the two in a blender, and he got a shredded up coloring book covered in blood. Deciding he was doing this the wrong way, he just made a Call of Ducky coloring book instead.

The entire book is filled with graphic depictions of violence and warfare. Jack Thompson hated this book, so we assume it's not that bad. Many of the images show the guts spilling out of soldiers. Biased Ratings says this book should be taken off of the shelves, but they only say that because Jack Thompson paid them to.


  • 1: Ducky shooting people.
  • 2: Ducky shooting OTHER people.
  • 3: Ducky shooting Adolf Hitler.
  • 4: Ducky shooting Squeegee.
  • 5: Ducky stop shooting.
  • 6: Ducky being nearly killed by the Dinner Blaster.
  • 7: Ducky sitting on Fatman.
  • 8: Ducky electing himself as president.
  • 9: Ducky doing a Ducktales parody.
  • 10: Ducky doing a Ducktales parody continued.
  • 11: Ducky doing a Ducktales parody continued again.
  • 12: Ducky wasting his money.
  • 13: Ducky giving all of his money to Scrooge.
  • 14: Ducky "trying" to kill Chuck Norris.
  • 15: Ducky playing Call Of Duty.
  • 16: Ducky playing Grand Theft Sesame Street.
  • 17: Ducky playing HaloBob GunPants.
  • 18: Ducky playing Call of Ducky.
  • 19: Ducky being killed.
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