Call of Ducky Modern Warfare 2

It wants blood...

Call of Ducky: Modern Warfare 2 is the worst Call of Ducky shame that has ever been made in the history of ever forever. EVER. It wasn't that bad, but it was worse than all the others because Chuck Norris said so. Modern Warfare 2 was made about ten minutes after its events actually happened, which means it's very accurate. But then they held it back for a long time and they changed a bunch of stuff, making it as inaccurate as the rest of the series.


Char Aznable of the Ducky Legion is fighting during the 1st Ducky War. He's shooting at all of the enemy guys, and he's making all of the explosions. He doesn't really do anything other than kill people. He just keeps killing people. Then he disarms a bomb and Everybody thinks he's a hero, but then he just keeps killing people. He kills people until Ducky gets irritated. Ducky tells him to blow up Mars to keep him busy (he FAILS).

Meanwhile, Mister Kooperton is unwillingly doing the bidding of Ducky. He charges in with his DD-Rifle, and starts shooting at rocks. All Mister Kooperton does throughout his entire storyline is shoot rocks. Why? Because Ducky said so. Eventually Mister Kooperton gets shot in the foot and can not participate in the war any more.


The shameplay for Modern Warfare 2 is the same as every other Call of Ducky shame, except worse. In Modern Warfare 2, the only color your gun can be is rainbow. This alone makes the shame worse than all the others. But there are other problems too. The whole time you're playing, it tells you to "Get a life you useless bum!" It also has a tendency to randomly make your console asplode into 395371673 pieces.


The ESRB gave this shame a 3 out of 10. PEGI rated this shame "sucktastic". Squadala Ratings gave it 2 out of 5 stars. ISN warns that this shame is rated M for Mature. I thinks it sucks. You love this shame more than anything else in the whole UnWorld. Somebody likes this shame. Anybody hates it.

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