Call of Duty Black Ops cover copy

Call of Ducky: Black Ops is the 7th installment of the First-Person Shooter shame series Call of Ducky. This shame was popular all across UnWorld, except in Pac-Land because Nobody went there to sell it


The Shame plays just like the original Call of Ducky only it's better. Some of the Guns and other stuff is different but everybody agrees that this Shame is the better than its predecessor.


Players step into the shoes of new character Bob Ross, who is a soldier fighting alongside Dr. Robotnik's army during the Canadian Invasion, a conflict in The Old War. After repelling the UnAmerican forces, Bob is captured by some guy. When he wakes up, he is in a labour camp controlled by Ronald McDonald that is used to produce Big Macs. After escape, Bob returns and speaks with Ducky who sends him to stop the nefarious macinations of Ronald McDonald, King Deedeedee and Dark Ducky. During the story, Bob meets Ash Ketchum and helps in one level, but Meta Knight kills him. The player is saved by George W. Bush who kills Meta Knight.

After a long fight, the player stops the production of Big Macs and saves the world from the terrible sandwich. However, the ending shows Bob in a crowd near Barrack Obama before the game ends and opens into a comedic mode of Evil Snowmen.

Evil Snowmen Mod

The Evil Snowmen Mod is a new mode where the player becomes one of four different people from UnWorld. They have to survive against wave after wave of Evil Snowmen that wants to eat them and sing bad Christmas carols. As each wave is cleared, the Snowmen get stronger and stronger. Though the mode is unwinable, it is seen either as a comic relief or incredibly scary.

Also, sometimes Zombies pop up and munch on your arms.

List of Characters in Evil Snowmen Mode


This Shame received some good reviews, such as IGN giving it 8/10 and Shigeru Miyamoto saying it was "About a 5 with a Fire FLower" while Biased Ratings gave it a 2 of 5. Ducky says that Biased Ratings is full of it.

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