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Call of Ducky is an installment of First Person Shooter Shames detailing various conflicts throughout the history of the Ducky Empire. The shame was published by a private group and received mixed reviews.


The player looks through the eyes of a soldier fighting in The Old War. Using a variety of guns, the player must dominate the battlefield. The multiplayer of this shame is hailed as one of the greatest, with the goal being to hack into the shame to gain levels and experience.


Players step into the shoes of Lieutenant Ash Ketchum, who is a soldier fighting against the armies of UnAmerica during the closing aspects of the New Spanish War. After attempting to assassinate Barack Obama, the player is then taken to a series of locations where they ultimately uncover a plot to destroy all the nations of UnWorld, masterminded by Dark Ducky and Squadala Knight. After stopping, and killing, both the world is saved, but Lieutenant Ketchum knows that the fighting hasn't stopped and gets ready to fight some more.


The shame portrays Squadala Knight as a ruthless terrorist and Dark Ducky as a complete monster. The shame was banned in the Squadala Empire due to its depiction of it and Squadala Knight. But the shame is popular everywhere else, even in UnAmerica so Nobody really cares.


The only people who bought it were babies. They complained and yelled "IT'S TOO BORING! PUT PONIES & THOMAS & SONIC IN IT! WHY DOES THIS GAME EXSIST!?!?!?!?!?!?" and gave it a too many negative numbers/10.

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