Calendar Man`s Shame is a stupid shame starring Calendar Man. It was released for the Nintendo 3DS and the SEGA Bomb System. The bosses' life is OVAH 9000, and you are Calendar Man, the weakling with 1% life. Instead of giving you health bars, the shame gives you 1 life. 1 hated this shame, as did everybody else who played it.
Calendar man's shame

The cover art for Calendar Man's shame.


Calendar Man is watching on Possum ANNK. Then, they do a report about a loser that has escaped the asylum, and Calendar Man jumps out the window. Then, the fail adventure begins.


The shame is controlled by changing the "date" setting on your console. Depending on what the player changes it to, the level will change and some obstacles will disappear. There are no enemies; there are only bosses who must be killed by pausing the shame, changing the date to something very far in the future, and then unpause to make the boss die of old age. However, the player must be careful to not make Calendar Man die of old age as well.


Level 1: Possum City Downtown: Boss: Nobody

Level 2: Possum City Uptown: Boss: Anti-Fatman

Level 3: Mushroom Kingdom: Boss: New Mario

Level 4: Bowser Jr's Castle Boss: Bowser Jr.

Level 5: Pac-Land: Boss: Pac-Dude

Level 6: FAIL Level: Boss: The scratch cat

Level 7: Gravity Lair: Boss: Gravity Cat (Dr.Hax was going to be the boss of this level, but he hacked the boss as revenge on Gravity Cat.)

Level 8: Level of DOOM: Boss: C2 and C3 (Captain Planet was going to be the boss of this level, but he would be undeafeatable if placed in a shame.)

Level 9: Bowser's Castle,North Hyrule: Boss: Bowser

Level 10: Finally, the end: Boss(es): Zombie versions of the defeated bosses: Nobody, Anti- Fatman, New Mario, WaBowarigi, Pac- Dude, The scratch cat, Gravity Cat, C2 and C3, Ducky and Dark Ducky, Bowser, and the only boss who isn't a zombie: The Poker.

The End

The Poker turns out to have been the same guy who escaped from the asylum. Calendar Man brings in his corpse, but is arrested for murder. THE END.

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