Caillou (translated "Cei Llou") is a 4-year-old bald Canadian kid who is mad at life. He is hated by everyone, especially GoAnimators like SpiltMilk10 and liars like Hillary Clinton.

Daily Routine

  1. Get mad
  2. Smoke wed
  3. Get his way
  4. Get mad again
  5. Sing a song about how mad he is with his gf, Sarah
  6. Bullies his "friends"
  7. Squish "Rexy" to death
  8. Go to bed and dream about evil plans
  9. Repeat


  • Caillou has cancer.
  • He got the "black card".
  • Caillou is a televisional figure of bad behavior IN GENERAL.
  • He is on the Ghostbuster's Hit List because he keeps doing strange things in peoples neighboorhoods.
  • He's invading Canada with the help of Indian Educational Animation.


His singing is similar to that of Rebecca Black's.

He also is bald because...*shocker*....he is bald!

He is very closely related to Johny Yespapa.


Don't be ridiculous, Caillou's family can't afford education for Caillou, he has too many special needs!


Instead, he goes to play at his swingset with his friend who shares her name with a fruit.

Sing-A-Long Time

I'm just a kid who's lame, each day I grow some fame, I like talking I'm Caillou,

So few things to do, each day is something poo, I'll share fun with me I'm Caillou.

My world is burning, ruined each day. With mum and papi I've found my bae.

Growing up is not so fun, except when I get to drive my mom's car off a cliff I'm Caillou

I'm Caillou, and that's me!

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