Cadbury jail

Cadbury Prison Jail Factory is a jail that every nation in the UnUniverse sends bad people who've done crimes in exchange for $1600 (it used to be 1750, but when Apple took over they reduced it) for every month an inmate is in there, which is a lot better than maintaining your own prisons and stuff.

It was founded by Uriel Septim and is located within the Frost Dimension. Anyone that escapes will have to POLAR BEAR the arctic temperatures of the North Western Heptant until they reach the Western Heptant. You can't teleport out that's cheating and we'll ban you from the server.

The official document you have to get these sweet deals-uh I mean sign is the following:

I declare that the hee ho, INMATE NAME is now property of King Frost in exchange for $1600 at the end of each Gregorian calendar "Month." Also that the hee ho is not under the age of 13 or unable to work!
Signature: __________________


  • Most parents send their offspring to Cadbury Prison Jail Factory when they turn 13 in exchange for money until they turn 18, then they have the legal power to escape. That's a free $19,200 per child you hate!
  • It used to only produce Cadbury products but now makes Apple products (obviously).


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