Cadbury is an epic company from the UnUnited Kingdom that is most known for selling mystical forms of chocolate DINNER. Nobody knows how they operate or where their chocolate factories are. AND THAT'S BECAUSE THEY STEAL HERSHEY'S CHOCOLATE!!! And then they changed the recipe to have a lot less Death Juice than the standard chocolate. But they don't know the secret technique Yoshi uses.

Political History

They also went into the 2019 UnUnited Kingdom election and to get their company president to now be the new prime minister. Competition was fierce since Team Rocket stole their idea and tried to get James Bond to be the new prime minister, and also there was actual candidates. But nonetheless the monarch at the time King Frost caught wind of this and decided to send everyone involved to the Frost Dimension to freeze to death and become a Jack Frost. However James Bond escaped from there undetected because of his years training in Mario Mart.

Cadbury Mini Eggs

Cadbury Mini Eggs

Cadbury Mini Eggs are made of Milk Chocolate. They give you +1 fatness each time you eat one of them, as well as 10 less seconds on your lifespan. They are worshiped by Greg Heffley and due to their chocolatey nature, are liked by Tom.


  • Because every employee, including everyone related to the company's president was sent to the Frost Dimension in 2019 for election meddling, the company merged with the government so now King Frost owns all the chocolate and eats it on a regular business.
  • In 2005 Plankton tried to steal the recipe for the Mini Eggs but this was an EPIC FAIL.
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