CD-i with Cat

This CD-i is about to get ANNIHILATED by Gravity Cat.

Compact Disc Insanity (often abbreviated CD-i, also called Cd-i, CD-I, cd-i, Cd-I, CDi, Doctor Stupid, Cdi, CDI, cdi, CdI, C-D-i, C-d-i, C-D-I, c-d-i, and C-d-I) is the stupidest shaming system that has ever been made. It is famous for actually making a game as stupid as Hotel Mario.

The CD-i was originally made by Philips and Sony. The two companies got together, and decided they wanted to make a super-advanced shaming system that would beat SEGA and Nintendo. They started mixing colorful liquids for half an hour, then remembered that's how you make potions, not shaming system.

They eventually came up with the CD-i, and they made it the most awesome shaming system ever... or so they thought. It went in stores, but it was voted the worst shaming system ever invented by every person who ever existed. Including you. Everyone hated it. Sony took their name off of it, and they erased any records that they were involved, except for this one!

Shames on the CD-i

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