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Cbeebies organisms in your body.

Cbeebies is a virus that Dipsy, the green (although his race is South African) Teletubby gives to unsuspecting kids that watch Teletubbies by injecting a needle with the Cbeebies virus which (Even Nobody AKA That Guy and the Undefeatables don't even know yet) is confirmed to be Tubby Custard and the Acid Lake's Giygas' Kolk with high caffeine soda. It's also a TV channel that gives people the virus. Even the darn adults who are sick get visited by Dipsy in disguise causing them to get Cbeebies and for them to combust just like the kids. The reason why the things that get shot with Cbeebies explode isn't confirmed. Even Humbah, the creator of Cbeebies doesn't know! The survivors, like the guy who wants entertaining and explaining pictures at the top of some pages, has Cbeebies.

It was once an evil channel, but then Madison M. took it over (after killing both Dipsy and Humbah) and replaced all the bad shows like Baby Jake and In The Night Garden with good ones like... THE LINGO SHOW! Unfortunately, Dipsy and Humbah respawned in 2015 and created the Teletubbies reboot. The Lingo Show also got cancelled, thus turning CBeebies evil again.

She also found a cure for the CBeebies virus, but was unable to cure all the losers who got the virus.


Many kids and bimbos catch this disease like Paris Hilton, Margaret, Megan Fox and others. It causes severe farting problems, vomiting, explosive diarohea, unatural demonic screaming and extreme craziness and heebie jeebies (hence why it's called Cbeebies). The only man who has Cbeebies is Fred Durst.

Good things about CBeebies

The best thing about CBeebies is The Lingo Show, an amazing TV show that was, sadly, ripped off with Language Littles. Octonauts is also a good show and so is Pablo.

List of CBeebies shows

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