Fear the evil CBBC.

Cquote1.png FARTS! BOGIES! SNOT! VOMIT! CBBC! Cquote2.png

CBBC is an enemy network created by haters of the BBC to get rid of the Teletubbies and CBeebies once and for all. It's basically a machine which displays shows starring Dick and Dom which include annoying potty jokes and lame humor. Many 8 year-old kids considered this lame and feasted their eyes on crap by Time Warner and Viacom, especially Mordecai, Rigby and SpongeBob SquarePants's shows. When the network is turned off, the machine repeatedly says FARTS! BOGIES! SNOT! VOMIT! FARTS! BOGIES! SNOT! VOMIT! The BBC started to get pissed off so they decided it was time to act for the charges of Basil Brush, yet this machine is still lurking in large sewer systems, killing innocent mutants and albeidoing kind creatures.

At war

When this lame machine makes its way to war, it launches feces, farts on enemy soldiers, picks bogies and flicks them at soldiers and vomits on them. This and all its lame humor really affected the Teletubbies and had to resort to cowardice. However a few minutes later they just started fighting, this was a trick and it was called The Tubby Trick. It was then blown to bits by The Teletubby Army. BBC Three now airs all day thanks to this automaniac's demise.

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