Run, he's gonna asplode!

C4 is the least powerful (though still extremely powerful) clone of Chuck Norris. He was built after C2 and C3 proved too powerful to serve as bosses in shames. This time, the developers decided to take a different route. This time, they developed a Chuck Clone that was immune to Weegification. This idea was ultimately a failure, but his fecal matter has proven lucrative after it was shown to be a powerful plastic explosive.

C4 was first designed to be in the shame 64's Castle Invasion, but was eventually scrapped because he made the shame too difficult. He kept getting jobs in shames and then getting fired for being too tough. They eventually put him in Super Mario Sunshine. He didn't want to be in a shame with the word "sunshine" in the name, so he shot explosive blasts at Everybody and then left for the 2nd Dimension. There, he encountered and fought Segata Sanshiro, accidentally destroying most of the dimension itself. He is now in hiding somewhere in the swamps of Dagobah.

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