He looks identical to Chuck Norris.

C2 (AKA Chuck Norris 2) was a clone of Chuck Norris that often appeared in shames. C2 was made because the real Chuck Norris would be undefeatable if placed in a shame. C2 was very strong, but he was not undefeatable and nothing compared to the real Chuck Norris.

C2 starred in Chuck Norris's Shame, and in Chuck Norris Attacks. After people started complaining about how C2 was not undefeatable, they stopped putting him in shames, and used C3 instead.

C2 hunted down the real Chuck Norris in revenge, but when he found Chuck Norris, he wimped out and hid in a bush. Chuck Norris found him, and kicked him. C2 was sent to the hospital, where Dr. Batman healed him as well as was possible after a Chuck Norris kick.

C2 was injured and paralized by a very large group of the world's greatest warriors of all time during The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny. He now resides in some random hospital, unable to move any bone in his body except his left pinky finger.

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