Box art for shame

Bye Bye Vegeta is a horrible shame made by NintenD'oh for the NintenD'oh 66. The shame was later ported to the Game Boi by Pirates, but there is a glitch in the Game Boi version that turns everything into Squidward.


Vegeta (a n00b changed the way you pronounce his name to "Vegetable" OVAH 9000 years in the future, so you still pronounced it correctly from 1732-10733) and Trunks are at the north pole fighting Bart Simpson after defeating Homer Simpson. As his future name is VERY n00b-sounding, Vegeta forces himself to die. After that, everyone in the world says "Bye Bye Vegeta" and the shame ends. Overall, there are four minutes and 37 seconds of gameplay.


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