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Not to be confused with Butter Sword.


Butter is a very fattening food that can be deadly if you eat enough of it, which is not much. Pumkins and obviously Undefeatables and Chuck Norris are immune to butter's deadly effects thanks to their metabolism. In fact, they worship butter, collect butter, trade each other butter, and do everything they can just think of with butter. Pumkins are known to go ape $h!t if you don't give them butter at a restaurant. During Pumkin World's battle with Arlen (The Great Pumkin War), Hank Hill made traps with butter so that he could kill many Pumkins and protect his family. It is also a little known fact that Pumkins are extremely addicted to butter. Going long enough without butter can kill a Pumkin. This addiction has been exploited by Hank's Freedom Fighters, but it is really this addiction that keeps the Pumkins on an evil and hostile adrenaline rush that causes them to do freaky, evil things you could not imagine. During Danganronpa, at least one killer was turned into a tub of the stuff.

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Don't eat this...