Burnout Paradise

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Burnout Paradise is the WORST SHAME ever, releasing in the worst year ever (2008, I stubbed my toe so many times that year :( ) on the worst date and time ever (being released on 4/20/08 at 4:20 PM). Ducky was born on that day back in 1969! (That explains why it's cursed..) It's a shame about a thief stealing a Lamborghini from a 16 year old spoiled boy while his family were shopping and taking it for a joyride.

In the shame you need to be as fast as possible and not hit anybody while also collecting points to get better permits. If you get the elite poopy doopy doop permit, you legally own the car and win. If the spoiled brat catches you in his crappy Ford Mustang, you lose.

Everyone said it was bad; people on MetaJudge rated it a 1 and said that the shame was so hard playing at full speed because you frequently crashed. EA released a "remastered" version in 2018 that is at least a bit decent.

Burnout Paradise Theme Song
The shame's theme. Burnout Paradise Theme Song
  • ESRB: Gave it an -10000000000000000 (still good, but not worth playing)
  • PEGI: Gave it a -10000000+ (Don't even play this shame).
  • Biased Ratings: Gave it an "AWSOME, I guess."


The shame's only really good perk is a really bad one at best; a driver's license. At first, you steal the spoiled boy's learner's permit and race around the city to earn points. Points are to determine how worthy you are to level up to another permit. If you get the elite poopy doopy doop permit, you win.

Burnout Paradise Remastered

In 2018, EA decided that it had been 10 years since Burnout Paradise came out, so they created Burnout Paradise Remastered and people HATED it! Here's what Dimentio said about this shame:

The shame's really horrible. I don't even like playin'- say a good thing about it. Um.. uh.. it's a good game! Yeah! It's a good game.Dimentio

Ever wondered what Mario said about this shame? WABAM!! Here you go!

MAMA MIA!!! Look at-a how they-a messed-a this-a up! Imma- We will freaking KILL YOU. Now say something good or WE'LL DESTROY YOU. Um-a.. the grass is-a green-a! Hehe!Mario

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